Watch: What Would Happen If Men Had To Deal With Prescription Condoms?

As every woman knows, obtaining birth control pills is no easy task. From the pap smear to the paperwork (and really, we're not sure which is worse), it's no wonder many eschew the pill altogether and spring for condoms—which you can literally walk into any convenience store and snag a box or two of—or the increasingly popular IUD instead.

And yet  . . .  despite all the hurdles we must jump through, the pill is pretty damn reliable. Plus, laughing over the complications and freaking out about Yaz lawsuits makes for solid bonding conversations on girls nights. What doesn't kill us with annoyance makes us stronger, right? 

Now comes a new thing to bond over when it comes to the dreaded/blessed little blue pill: this video depicting what it would be like if guys had to jump through similar hoops to buy a condom. Though a man-pill is (still) in the works, Buzzfeed has presented us with an alternate reality in which men must manage condom prescriptions. And it's pretty much glorious.

Watch, revel in, and laugh evilly away. We won't tell.

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