5 Feminist (And Fun!) Online Resources You Need To Know About

BONUS Feminist Fun: Kate Beaton! Image: Hark! A Vagrant

BONUS Feminist Fun: Kate Beaton! Image: Hark! A Vagrant

There are few things more enjoyable in this world than some quality Jane Austen-themed content.

Feminism can be a pretty serious business, and rightly so, being a fight for fundamental human rights and whatnot. Still, despite what every man with a Nietzsche quote as their message board sign-off will tell you, feminists need to have a good time every once in a while. And a good time can totally be a feminist time. It can also be accessed completely online, as in you don’t even have to leave the house. 100% catcall-free fun. What more could you ask for? Here are five of my very favorite bits of fun feminist content currently taking the Internet by storm.

1. Reductress

This is a recent discovery for me, and I am still cackling (LIKE A WITCH) at “I Own Two Anthropologie Sweaters And You Will Treat Me As Such.” The amazing lady who runs the Woman Against Feminism Twitter recommended it to me, which also happens to be another pretty hilarious feminist resource.

Reductress is a “news” website that satirizes women’s websites and publications, capitalizing on the way they often perpetrate some pretty nasty sexism despite women being their target audience, or whatever. Most of it is absolute nonsense, just like an issue of Cosmo, except more Jeff Goldblum!

2. Ron Lit

This is basically the best YouTube channel ever. I kind of want to kiss Veronica’s brain. And also her face. MOVING ON.

This channel explores Jane Austen, ladies in detective literature, and the history of periods. The commentary is thoughtful, the topics are always interesting, and Veronica manages to do all of this while working on her PhD, or, as she likes to call it, her PhDon’t.

3. Manfeels Park

There are few things more enjoyable in this world than some quality Jane Austen-themed content. This one is really fun until you learn that all of the script used in these comics is taken from real things that real people have said online. Quoted pretty much word-for-word. Like, someone not only thought this thought, but thought this thought was important enough to share with the Internet. Scroll through the archive and LOLSOB for hours.

4. Feel Unique’s Remarkable Women

These are SO CUTE I CAN’T EVEN. This fun little timeline features gorgeous pictures of women who’ve kicked ass throughout history, from Marie Curie to Kathleen Hanna. The pictures are so beautiful and heartwarming and I need to know how I can please buy all of them.

5. Why Can’t I Be You

This interview series run by Rookie (aka the holy grail for all fun feminist things EVER) is a goldmine of cool women doing cool things that we should all know about. The series features diverse subjects in every sense of the word, from nuns to museum archivists to YouTube vloggers. I’d link some of my favorite interviews, but they are all my favorite. These interviews make me want to go out into the world (or open up my laptop) and be creative as hell. Whenever I’m in a writing rut or feeling insecure about my work (both of which tend to happen at the same exact time, almost as if the latter causes the former, but WHO KNOWS), I rifle through this archive and am completely revitalized by this great collection of amazing ladies talking about their equally amazing work.

Do you have any fun feminist corners of this World Wide Web you’d like me to check out? Share in the comments or shoot me an email!

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