A Day In The Life At My Standing Desk

The next step, obviously. Image: <a href="http://www.lifespanfitness.com/tr800-dt5-treadmill-desk">LifeSpan Fitness</a>

The next step, obviously. Image: <a href="http://www.lifespanfitness.com/tr800-dt5-treadmill-desk">LifeSpan Fitness</a>

9:07: Did I just spell my name wrong? 

8:15 a.m: This is so great. My heart will thank me and I’ll get way more done. I’m so much cooler and smarter than all those saps sitting in office chairs this morning.

8:28: Look at me everyone, standing up while reading the news. That’s right, standing up. Haven’t you heard how bad sitting is for you? Basically you are dying every second you sit. Look at me not dying.

8:40: You don’t have to stand all day, right? I’d never get anything done if I typed standing up. That’s just not how my process works. Standing is mostly for idea generating, maybe editing. When I’m writing, I’ll sit down. Not now, but when I’m ready to compose.

8:45: Maybe I need new shoes. I’m not wearing shoes. Maybe you’re supposed to wear shoes when you stand. I hate wearing shoes, though; that’s half the point of working from home. I’ll just have to get used to it.

8:49: Maybe one of those squishy mats for the kitchen. That would feel great. I could exercise my toes while on Twitter. Strong toes. Is that a thing?

8:54: I can do this for at least an hour. I mean, standing isn’t hard or anything. Have I always put so much pressure on my heel? Is that normal? Am I standing up straight?

8:59: I am going to have amazing posture. My neck will look so skinny just from the way I hold my head.

9:01: Push your shoulders back, woman, what the hell’s wrong with you? Boobs out, not facing down. Stand up straight.

9:05: I can do an hour. Then I’ll sit down like a normal person and get some work done.

9:07: Did I just spell my name wrong? 

9:10: Standing desks are a really great invention. Everyone should be doing this. The wave of the future. Tomorrow I’ll stand all day. I’ll probably do my best writing and my blood will be flowing and it is basically like yoga — centering yourself and stuff. 

9:14: One more minute. I never thought I’d get through this. I’m so tired. I need a nap. I wonder how to lower this thing so I can sit and type without reaching over my head. Can’t keep my eyes open.

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