John McEnroe Insults Serena Williams, Proves, Once Again, That He's A Total Bastard

Today in, Ways Men Are Continually Shitty, John McEnroe.

A. John thinks he can BEAT Serena Williams. Like right now. LOLZ JOHN YOU'RE A GRANDPA.

B. He thinks Serena would rank "like 700 on the men's circuit."  

Has he even SEEN her play?

Serena will DESTROY you, John.

In case you weren't around in 1984, and therefore are not aware of the douchebaggery that is John McEnroe, exhibit A:

I don't know why John felt like he could Say ANYTHING about Serena, alas, he did. When asked why he was such a dick (paraphrasing, but I bet that's what reporters were thinking), John offered a non-apology apology, instead insisting that he didn't expect his comments to be "that controversial." Oh, because insulting the best female tennis player probably in the history of the world, isn't at all controversial.

Double fault, John. DOUBLE FAULT.

John, maybe you've forgotten Serena's 23 major title wins? Or maybe you haven't forgotten and you're just salty because you've only won 7? Aw, poor BB John just isn't as good as Serena. 

Anyway, John may be an ass, but you don't have to worry about Serena, because girlfriend will take no shit. 

Serena Williams will not be screwed with.


would you like some ointment for that BURN, John?

Bitch, please. Serena is like a million months pregnant and she could STILL whip your ass.

 Serena Williams via Instagram


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