Anjali Bhat

Anjali Bhat


Anjali Bhat is 19 years old, a student journalist and an Indian-American feminist.  A Bay Area native, she’s currently studying at the University of California, Davis, where she offers the excuse “I’m just a baby adult!” when forced to deal with Grown-Up Problems like paying bills and making small talk with co-workers. She’s trying her best. If you’d like to reward her — because being an adult is HARD — let her know on Twitter (@anjbhat) or Instagram (@anjali_bhat). She likes those gold star stickers from kindergarten, coconut cake, trips to New York City and long romantic walks… to the fridge… for more cake. 

Anjali Bhat Articles

Cupcakes are delicious, no matter who's making them.

Can I Be A Teenage Martha Stewart And A Feminist?

The thing is, I’m not a mom. I’m not even a trendy lifestyle blogger. I’m a 19 year old with my whole life ahead of me. In this century, I have so much more freedom to choose what I want to do with that life.