Ayanna Albertson

Ayanna Albertson


Ayanna Albertson is a writer and spoken word poet from Durham, NC by way of Goldsboro, NC. Beginning from early childhood, Ayanna has always enjoyed the art of storytelling through poetry, singing and performance. In 2015, Ayanna received her B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from Oakwood University in Huntsville, AL, further investing into her passion for creative writing. Ayanna is also a part of the Bull City Slam poetry team and has participated in various national poetry slam competitions using her gift of words to impact, empower and inspire others. Ayanna is very passionate about social justice, women's rights, and civil rights, and desires to be an amplified voice for communities of color. Ayanna's motto is "I don't wish to be famous, I just want to be heard."  

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Blessed And Still Depressed: A Black, Christian Woman’s Reconciliation

My depression coexists with my gratefulness, compassion, and good intentions. I am blessed, yes, but I am also depressed.