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Christina Connerton


Hi there. I'm Christina. I'm a social worker, writer, singer, bartender (depending on the time of day). I currently run the site, a humorous take on politics featuring blog posts, podcasts, and music videos. I also write the bartending blog, which highlights my ability to make witty banter with people who are painfully oblivious to it. I have a 19-year-old cat and there is never a time of day when I am not craving cinnamon buns. And tacos. And guacamole! 

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Image: MSNBC.

How Attacking Planned Parenthood Shames Women Into Silence

So why are we still talking about this? Because the fight against Planned Parenthood is really about something much greater. It is, as it always has been, another attempt to police women’s bodies, their experiences, and their sex lives. It confuses voters with emotional rhetoric and then strips women of their rights through shame.