Diana Whitney


Diana Whitney writes across the genres with a focus on sexuality and feminism. Her first book, Wanting It, became an indie bestseller and won the Rubery Book Award in poetry. She’s the poetry critic for the San Francisco Chronicle and her essays have appeared in Glamour, Longreads, The Washington Post, and many more. A yoga teacher by trade, she’s currently finishing a memoir about generational patterns of female silence. Visit her at www.diana-whitney.com   

Diana Whitney Articles

The author in 1991 at age 18.

Sexual Assault By An Ivy League Lawyer? Me, Too.

And Mr. Ivy League, if you’re reading this, know that you caused harm. I’m setting down my shame, like an old coat that no longer fits. The shame is yours.

Diana Whitney at a #MeToo March on International Women's Day (Photo Credit: Kristopher Radder/ The Reformer)

How I Exposed My Yoga Teacher's Abuses On Facebook

There is a long history of male yoga teachers using their spiritual power to dominate and abuse women. Yoga is slowly waking and this is my story!