Erinne Magee


Erinne is a freelance writer in Maine. Her work has been published outlets like: the Washington Post, New York Magazine, USA Today, Parents Magazine, Men's Journal, Chicago Tribune, Good Housekeeping and more. As a Mom of 2, she also has found an enjoyment of writing picture books. For more information:

Erinne Magee Articles

We should show (not say) "thank you" when we feel gratitude.

What Happens When You Stop Expecting A "Thank You"​

Something happened that made me snap back to reality and get off my pedestal. In fact, it made me stop expecting to get a “thank you” altogether.

I knew it wasn’t just post-baby blues that had me down.

Confidence In The Bedroom Boils Down To One Thing

Confidence in the bedroom is possible! What was messing with my sex drive was not extra pounds but the feeling that I wasn’t being true to myself.