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*/ Heather Newell is most passionate about people. A freelance writer, her writing seeks to give voice to the unheard experiences of herself and of others, especially women. A Denver-native, Christian, and gay woman, Heather blogs regularly on her own website, covering stories from poverty issues, gender, Christianity, growing up, and inevitably awkward cultural encounters. Her writing has been featured in Communal Table, Africa Agenda, Peace Corps, and The Her Initiative. By day, Heather is the Director of Education & Advocacy for The Women’s Bakery, a social enterprise that empowers women through education and business. She deeply loves working on issues related to women’s empowerment because she believes that women are perhaps the most dynamic, strong, and incredible force on earth. She enjoys being outside in the Colorado sunshine, rollerblading, traveling, watching documentaries, drinking black coffee in the morning (red wine at night), and learning more advocating and working on refugee issues. For inspiration, Heather frequently turns to Maya Angelou and agrees when Angelou says, “my mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” Heather lives in Denver, Colorado with her partner. Keep the conversation going through Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or email.

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I love her body because it’s hers.

Navigating Body Size Diversity In A Lesbian Relationship

Experience body size diversity in a lesbian relationship is our journey. Our bodies connect us, remind us of our humanness, and for this, I am grateful.