Jacquelyn Bengfort

Jacquelyn Bengfort


Jacquelyn Bengfort is a writer living and working in Washington D.C.  In the past decade, she's done everything from writing and performing monologues to editing student poetry submissions to drafting press releases. You can view a selection of her work here on the site; if you need something written, she can probably write it. (She also blogs occasionally on bengfort.com.) Oh, and Jacquelyn designs a line of hand-drawn t-shirts, which you can find on Skreened. It’s mostly an outlet for apocalypse-themed irony, but once someone actually bought one.

Jacquelyn Bengfort Articles

Imperatives: A Flash Fiction Breakup from Luna Luna Magazine

We had moved in together fast. I brought a silver tea service and a Persian rug, student loans and a pair of ragged cats. We settled in like it was forever.