Jennifer Stavros

Jennifer Stavros


Jennifer Stavros is a #museforhire and writer who frequently flitters between Los Angeles and San Francisco. She and her work have been featured on LAist, The LA Weekly, and more. Her experiences and musings of personal growth while dual wielding cities and frequently blurring the lines of an artistic, corporate, colorful and dark world can be read about on her blog Little Girl, Big City, on her Twitter, Medium, or perhaps one of the many books inevitably being drafted. When not writing, Red can be found in colorful places surrounded by art, giant trees, techy geek gadgets, roller skates, baseball, or the ocean paired with a beer and often flying a kite.   

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Madonna Should Have Honored Aretha Franklin By Taking A Seat

Hopefully, this Aretha Franklin tribute will be the last “tribute” Madonna does to a person of color. Madonna, did you forget that you are not black?