Jessica L. Roth

Jessica L. Roth


Jessica is a 40-something mom trying to balance work, life, love, kids, divorce, fun and relationships — not necessarily in that order. Her work, ranging from personal essays to articles and blog posts, has been published in newspapers, magazines, blog sites and more. She offers a unique perspective on what women find, love, leave and look back on as they define their own kind of "happy."

Jessica L. Roth Articles

Affairs come with an expiration date, of course... but that doesn't mean saying goodbye is any easier.

Cue The Rain

I guess I am a cheater. But you can still be a good person and a cheater. I am an involved mom; a successful industry exec; a helpful neighbor. I just fell in love with two very different people. One is based in the reality of everyday life. The other is an escape from that.