Kate Seear

Kate Seear


I have a unique multi-disciplinary background, with expertise in sociology, gender and the law. I am the inaugural Academic Director of the Springvale Monash Legal Service, teaching into Monash University's Clinical Legal Education program. I am also an Adjunct Research Fellow in the Social Studies of Addiction Concepts program at the National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University. My research focuses on addiction, drug use, health and the body. I am the author of two books - Making Disease, Making Citizens: The politics of hepatitis C (with Associate Professor Suzanne Fraser) and The Making of a Modern Epidemic: Endometriosis, Gender and Politics (out through Ashgate in 2014), which is based upon my PhD research. My current research program focuses on the legal, social and cultural aspects of addiction. My main research explores how concepts of addiction figure across multiple legal realms.

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We need to take the disease more seriously.

Women Aren’t Responsible For Endometriosis — Nor Should They Be Expected To Cure Themselves

Endometriosis is typified by a high degree of uncertainty, making even a basic summary difficult. This latest incident is further proof it’s a neglected, gendered and politicised disease that needs to be taken more seriously by academics doctors and others, alike.