Larisa Manescu

Larisa Manescu


A native Romanian raised in Canada, Larisa is currently navigating those tumultuous post-college years in sunny Austin, Texas. A writer with a journalism background and an activist heart, she believes in the power of collective personal testimony to shatter stigma surrounding taboo subjects and the power of media, art and activism to work together to educate, inspire and shift the status quo of cultural mentality. She loves writing about sex education because she wishes she (and everyone else) got more of it growing up.    You can find her writing in The Establishment,, Austere Magazine, The Dallas Morning News and The Daily Texan.   

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From Neopets To Pro-Ana Sites: Finding Community In Toxic Online Forums 

Users exchange tips about restricting food intake, and there’s a lot of “thinspiration,” a phrase for photographs of women with thigh gaps and angular bodies. So many bones.