Lily O'Delia

Lily O'Delia


Lily O'Delia is the pen name of a writer living In NYC. She has written for Salon, The Rumpus, Glamour and others. She is also published in several anthologies. She does peer outreach harm reduction work and is currently working on her full length memoir. Photo credit: Circe Hamilton

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The Cast of The Red Umbrella Diaries.

Sex Workers Take Back Their Own Narrative In The Red Umbrella Diaries

Audacia Ray runs a nonprofit called the Red Umbrella Project, and has been arranging storytelling events by sex workers, publishing several literary anthologies about sex workers experiences, and finally teamed up with an Emmy-winning documentary crew to feature the stories of seven diverse cast members (including herself) to film the groundbreaking documentary that has its NYC IFC premiere on November 16: The Red Umbrella Diaries.

Hundreds of guests came to support them as they publicly parted ways. Image: imgur.

How This 'Divorce Party' Could Change The Way We View Breakups

Sometimes we grow apart — other times we come to the realizations that we just aren’t the best life partners for each other....Natalie, better known by her performer name Mikka Minx, decided to challenge that perception when she and her partner of 10 years (and spouse of three years) decided to part ways last year.... They threw a “divorce party,” which proved to be incredibly cathartic for everyone involved.

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What A D*CK!: James Deen’s List Is Getting Longer

On Saturday, famous feminist porn actress, writer, and outspoken sex workers' rights advocate Stoya took to twitter to finally break her silence after being triggered by continuously seeing her alleged rapist idolized on the Internet.

Forcing someone to live with pain of that nature is inhumane. Image: Pixabay.

People Shouldn't Be Denied The Right To Die By Assisted Suicide

Until you have stared down that kind of mental anguish and all-consuming darkness for years on end, you cannot judge someone for choosing to escape their torture.

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My First-Hand Account, As An Inmate Witnessing Abuse Of Power On Rikers Island

Although I would get an early release for overpopulation, the time I spent at Rose M. Singer, the female unit for inmates at Rikers, was an eye opening experience in terms of the abuse of power between the guards and inmates.