Lisa Rowan

Lisa Rowan


@JustPopFashion cohost. Hopelessly devoted to cats. Full time: tall glass of water. Part time: wise ass. After stints in local journalism, research, and local journalism again, Lisa is starting to refine her writing focus (while still multitasking like the Type-A-for-Awesome person I am).She's spent several years as a freelance online marketing strategist and social media producer for small businesses and nonprofits. Lisa's blog, Quarter Life, eventually turned into her own vintage clothing shop, Beltway Vintage. But she still gets nerdy about yesteryear on a regular basis. In 2012 and 2013, she wrote Made in America, Maybe, about the decline and potential resurgence of domestically produced clothing in the U.S. Lisa is the most riled-up expert-type you will ever meet regarding this topic. Lots of hand motions. Lisa is grateful that she gets to be creative with words every day. When she's not at the computer, she's elbow-deep in a pile of vintage clothing. 

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Letters to Castro: Fiction from Luna Luna magazine

While we don’t have that much in common—mostly that I’m not a famous dictator—I suspect we could talk for days.