Liza Dezfouli

Liza Dezfouli


I write and write.  Using English effectively is a fun and satisfying thing to do. Along with professional copy, op ed pieces, memoir, and reported pieces I write non-fiction (arts journalism, film, theatre, live performance and book reviews, plus reviews of the occasional CD and concert), I write fiction, in particular short stories and plays. I've worked as a creative writing tutor and as a teacher of English As A Second Language, I've published articles and short stories, and have contributed to various magazines and publications as a writer and illustrator.  I've written short stories, comedy for performance, narrative non-fiction, and have studied professional writing, editing, proofreading and writing for the web. I've also written copy for advertising and radio. Good fun!

Liza Dezfouli Articles

" By opening night, none of us could wait for our cue to get on stage and DANCE OUR BEAUTIFUL BUTT NAKED BUTTS OFF."

I Got Naked In A Room Full Of People

It was time to embrace my nightmare. So I stripped and for the hell of it hung about bare-assed in a room full of clothed people. Although I’d already left self-consciousness behind me, I wanted to be able to tell this story.