Martin Byrne

Martin Byrne


Martin Byrne is an architect and science fiction writer. He believes we must occupy the glitches and malfunctions of an ordered society, so as to resist becoming the bearers of our own shackles. We must be able to choose for ourselves whether or not we want to live in such heavily mediated environs and for that choice to be possible we must build alternatives. Our choices are quickly disappearing, indeed if they ever did exist, in the name of efficient, equitable, sustainable, hygienic, high-performing environments. We advance the idea that a participatory and engaging architecture can re-establish a sense of being, by constituting an active citizen that is empowered to take control of his or her environment. The only way this is possible is by creating a weak architecture.

Martin Byrne Articles

Gravity’s Revolt: Original Science Fiction

And yet, life remained. Humankind was not of such an ilk to disappear quietly into the night. Escape may yet come to pass