Megan Margulies

Megan Margulies


Megan Margulies is a writer, wife, and mother to a baby daughter. Her writing focuses on being a new mom, relationships, memories of growing up in NYC, humor, and healthy living. 

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Let me be clear: I don't claim to be the perfect sleep partner.

I'm Happily Married But I Still Want My Own Separate Bed, DAMNIT

Sure, we're very compatible as a couple. We share the same political views, sense of humor, and even religion. But when it comes to sleeping under the same blanket, we're like the Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries of the marital bed. I'm a light sleeper, so anything I make contact with other than the sheets is going to wake me up, such as my husband's ice cold feet. He thinks it's adorable to use my warm legs as heating pads for his cold-as-death limbs.