Melissa Barvels

Melissa Barvels


I’m a 36-year-old stay-at-home mom with a firefighter husband who’s my absolute best friend and soulmate. We have three kids, a puppy, and a large extended family — so life is always busy, but I love it. When not chasing after my kids, I enjoy shopping, Facebook, complaining, and more shopping. I worked for the soap opera As The World Turns for 11 years before my life became my very own daytime drama.

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A simple flu shot would have changed everything. Image: Melissa Barvels.

I Didn't Get The Flu Shot While I Was Pregnant — And Wound Up Giving Birth In A Coma

A simple flu shot would have changed everything. It would have saved my family and I a lot of heartache; it would have prevented me and my son from facing life-changing health effects; and it would have granted me all of the stolen memories from that time that I now can’t get back.