Mundane Mystic

Mundane Mystic


Mundane Mystic is a collection of astrology, tarot, storytelling, and ecclectic esoterica created by Jenni Berrett, a queer witch, writer, and occassional mental health columnist from the California Central Valley. Mundane Mystic offers practical magic for earthbound living, using cards, stars, and stories to unearth the healing we've held within us all along. To contact Jenni about readings and keep up with her mystical musings, follow @mundancemystic on Instagram, where she posts videos of her familiar, Minerva, as often as possible. As below, so above.

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These tarotscopes were created using the Fountain Tarot deck. Stones pictures are Fluorite (clarity) and Aragonite (grounding).

Grounding Tarotscopes For The Pisces Full Moon

These full moon tarotscopes are meant to help you unlock the self-healing and embodied emotion you already hold within you and carry it through the rest of this lunar cycle. You’re the one who makes your own destiny; these tarotscopes are just one tool to guide you along the way.