Sara Mann

Sara Mann


Sara Mann is trying to keep the peace in a household of 5 on overdrive. She writes about her strategies for keeping sane (mostly) at and @thesanityplan on Twitter, @thesanityplan on Facebook, and @thesanityplan on Pinterest.

Sara Mann Articles

 I am making a decision to not weigh down my current situation with undeserved guilt and shame.

Buying Clothes For My "Today Body" 

So here I am in my “today” body.

What kind of a mother am I? How do people really see me?

What Kind Of Mother Am I?

The girls had their first night at dance class last week.

I wanted to reach inside myself and cut it away.

Erasing My Father’s Face From Mine

Little things, everything would annoy me. I couldn’t keep it down. I lost my temper, over and over. I felt the strain of it all, the sheer exhaustion of parenting two young kids. But it was more than that. This anger was reminiscent of something buried deep within me. A piece of my past that I’d buried down so far I didn’t even know it was there anymore.

Some tips on what to do when dealing with a child phase that is not your fave.

Warning To New Parents: You May Not Like Every Phase

So, it's likely you won't love every stage your child goes through… and that’s actually okay.

Sometimes a drink helps me become a mom who is a little more playful, a little less stressed.

Can Alcohol Make You A Better Mom? 

I am the best mom ever after I’ve had a drink. Notice I said… A DRINK. Well, maybe a drink or two, depending on the poison. Not a plastered mom — just a happy mom.

Nothing could have prepared me for either of my births.

My Birth Stories: The Blooper Reel

What I was not prepared for was this. When it was time to give birth to the placenta, gross thing really, it just kind of flops out and they drop it into a bucket. Splat.