Shailee Koranne

Shailee Koranne


Shailee Koranne is an Equity Studies student from Toronto. She's always sleepy, wants everything to be spicy, and owns way too much denim. You can find her on Twitter @ssshailee and on Instagram @shailee.jpg. 

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People who have their names anglicized don’t want to deal with the discomfort of saying their birth names out loud over and over until it is eventually pronounced correctly.

My Name Was Anglicized — But I’m Taking It Back

Names are important because they reflect unique cultures, histories, religions, and lineages. Taking someone’s given name and changing it is one of the many ways that people (namely people of color) are whitewashed. The anglicization of “foreign” names — the practice of taking names and turning them into something English — is a slow and sinister form of identity erasure.