Tabitha Blankenbiller

Tabitha Blankenbiller


Tabitha is a Pacific Northwest native recently transplanted to Tucson, Arizona. She pays for the new stucco house by working as a technical editor, and spends evenings cooking overly-elaborate dinners and writing personal essays. Several years ago Tabitha started Eats of Eden, a food blog with recipes and personal stories. Her hope was to create a writing outlet with less maple-sappiness than other food blogs. Although the blog isn’t updated as often as she would like, her food writing has evolved into a series of columns at Spectrum Culture which she has to keep writing, with an editor waiting and all. After completing a memoir thesis for the Pacific University MFA program, Tabitha has been working to evolve the work into a fully-realized manuscript. She hopes that, as a book, her story can spark a dialogue about the price young women pay when striving to become the “perfect girl.” Above all, she wants to continue evolving as a writer with new inspiration and refined technique—a never-ending, exquisite process.

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R.I.P. ?                  Courtesy of Fashion Police Facebook

Goodbye Fashion Police (And Maybe Good Riddance)

it is superficial and I will fully own up to it—to walk the red carpet in a fashion statement of my very own is my life-long, undying dream.