Tall Brewnette

Tall Brewnette


Chelsea makes her current home in the Cascade mountains, tucked away with her family, Bernese Mountain Dog, and her ducks in the Shire.   After spending most of her twenties wasting time and money in college and getting accepted to Harvard grad, she got her education from traveling the world solo, working every job possible, and dating all the wrong people.   Having spent years writing blogs about her life, Chelsea published a collection of short stories titled “Natural Selections,” is 2010. She is currently working on a comedy graphic novel titled “The Strangers,” and a fiction novel set in nearly Cold War era and dealing with the politics of illusionist entertainment.   Chelsea draws largely from her own life, mistakes, from people she’s met abroad, relationships, and stories exchanged on airplanes.

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What American Dream? My Search For Happiness In An Economic Wasteland

I may never own a house or a new car. I feel like I’ve won a small war by sincerely being able to say, “I’m okay with that.”


Why I Wear A Transformers T-Shirt To My Grownup Person Job

The bottom line is, I never made it to Harvard. I no longer own that stupid expensive car. What goes up must come down.


Foreign Pharmaceuticals And Feminism

If I weren’t trying so hard not to violently scratch my crotch in public, I might have enjoyed that morning fog and quiet quaint street.


Dear Maytag: I'm Sorry My Father Inadvertently Turned Our Washing Machine Into A Bomb

The force of the blast blew every window out of our house. Just another Sunday in my home.