Tessa Torgeson

Tessa Torgeson


Tessa Torgeson is a collector of words, polka-dot stuff, general awkwardness, and daydreams Minnesota. She teaches composition and creative writing to at-risk youth and college students, Her writing has recently appeared or is forthcoming in The Star Tribune, The Rumpus, The Fix, Manifest Station, and other places. She is currently writing a book that weaves memoir and reportage about drug addiction and alcoholism, surviving PTSD, and recovery with harm reduction, which is an alternative to the 12 steps.  The aim of her book is to stop the stigma of addiction and mental illness and share the power of harm reduction, while using humor, pop culture, and space metaphors. Yes really.  

Tessa Torgeson Articles

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My Mental Illness Isn’t A Haunted House Attraction 

Ultimately, asylum-themed haunted houses make a mockery and sideshow attraction out of the pain of people with mental illness.