Tyler Leslie

Tyler Leslie


Tyler Leslie is living life on his own terms. He packed his life into just one suitcase and moved from the United States to Australia with his girlfriend in early 2015. Tyler's goal is to inspire others to also follow their hearts and does so by spreading positivity through his writing and videos. He is currently working on the Addicted2Success.com team and is co-authoring his first book about building successful relationships with his girlfriend, Carla Schesser. You can connect with Tyler through his Facebook and Twitter.

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4 Important Areas To Master To Have The Relationship You've Always Dreamed Of

Have you ever watched one of those sappy romantic comedies and secretly wished you had a relationship like “they do in the movies?” I have a feeling many of us can resonate with that desire. After watching picture perfect love stories, we tend to develop an overwhelming urge to be in love and in a relationship just like the one we’ve been living through vicariously for the past two hours.