Ward Serrill

Ward Serrill


Ward Serrill makes films that excel in revealing the miraculous and indissoluble nature of the human spirit. His first feature, The Heart of the Game, based on a Seattle high school basketball team, was an international Miramax hit. His most recent film, Song of the New Earth, is in worldwide release. He recently finished Babies Behind Bars with Soledad O’Brien.  Previously he made 50 short films for Vulcan Productions as well as a PBS special on Seattle’s music scene called Something in the Water featuring Macklemore and KEXP. He has made forty other films including Building One House with Robert Redford and Wild America, a film on Lewis and Clark, with Sissy Spacek.

Ward Serrill Articles

Ward Serrill, Director of The Heart Of The Game: Play Like A Pack of Wolves 

The Heart of the Game is a film that chronicles the struggle of an African American girl, Darnellia Russell, fighting for her civil rights as a young mother to play the game she was divinely gifted to play