This Baby Captures My Feelings About Ice Cream EXACTLY

image credit: Thinkstock

image credit: Thinkstock

Today in: Babies Keeping It Real, Emma Cavanaugh, a very wise nine-month-old from West Point, Alabama, eats ice cream like it's her life.

It's summer. It's hot as sh*t in California (104° today, OK) and I could (and would) bathe in ice cream right now. I feel like Emma would agree. Let's hang out, Emma. 

I'm not going to make you wait for the video because it's too good to hold back. 

Holding Emma is her great-grandmother, a woman earning title of Best Great-Grandmother by sharing her ice cream.

Emma's mom, Ashley (who has three daughters) said, "All my girls have enjoyed ice cream but she's the only one that's reacted like that." Amen, Emma. Amen.

I hear the Mean Mom Squad already. Don't come at me or Ashley about feeding a nine-month-old baby ice cream. We aren't here for mom shaming. We are not doing another bubble bath thing again. Ashley is the mother. She fed her baby ice cream. It's ok if you breastfed exclusively until your baby was one. It's ok if Ashley gives her baby ice cream. Let's remember we are all doing our best at loving our kids. 

This is Emma's first ice cream, but I'm pretty sure it won't be her last. 

image credit: Ashley Cavanaugh via Facebook

Now that's how you go viral. 

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