If You Have To Question Whether Or Not Someone Is Into You, You Have Your Answer

If your crush wanted to be with you, they would be.

If your crush wanted to be with you, they would be.

When you are into someone, most of the time it’s pretty obvious. You're absolutely crazy about that person, and your mind always drifts back to him/her, no matter what situation you're in.

Let's say someone offers you a blue pen at work. Your brain may pause to remembers that blue is your crush's favorite color. You can't sleep at night because you're excited to see this person, like a child counting down the hours to Christmas. And the butterflies aren't just fluttering around in your stomach — their wings pop in and out of your eyes when you're with that person.

When this happens, we sometimes feel the need to question whether or not our feelings are being reciprocated. Why do we do this? Well, it's probably because no matter how fast our hearts race when we're with them, we suspect their hearts don’t beat for us at all. Unfortunately, deep down inside we know that if you have to question whether or not someone is into you, you already have your answer.

If You Have To Question Whether Or Not Someone Wants To Text You, They Probably Don't.

If someone wants to talk to you, they will not only hit you up, but they will try hard to keep the conversation going. They won’t be afraid to double text, send you GIFs, and will be really excited about the entire exchange. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn't have to always be the one to start a conversation. It should be a back and forth kind of thing, like a tennis match.

It's not fun when you're the only one always running for the ball. You’ll eventually just get tired and feel pretty silly. So make sure your player isn't playing you — if your person isn’t bouncing the ball back, sorry to say, but it's time to put the racket down.

If You Have To Question Whether Or Not Someone Wants To Hang Out With You, They Probably Don't.

If you're always the one asking to hang out, that should be a red flag. When someone is head over heels for you, they will make sure they can see you. They won't hit you up at the last second, or keep you in their back pocket for when other plans fall apart. A person who really cares about you will be respectful of your time, and prioritize you. Don’t over-think and drive yourself crazy: when someone wants to see you, you'll know.

If You Have To Question Whether Or Not You Can Be Yourself With Someone, You Should Stay Away.

If you need to rework your personality to keep the person you're with, you're simply with the wrong person. When you find yourself not texting as much as you usually do, or you feel yourself holding back from who you really are, it’s time to evaluate the validity of your connection. The person you're dating should want to be with the full-throttle version of you, not the censored version.

If You Have To Question Whether Or Not Someone Wants To Be Your Significant Other, They Probably Don't (Sorry!).

You shouldn't have to run and ask your friends to decode someone's texts or behaviors, and you shouldn't have to force anything. When love is mutual, it flows easily, and plainly — it's not choppy and written in hieroglyphics. If you're getting an unsettling feeling about your person's true intentions with you, that's your mind trying to save your heart.

If your crush wanted to be with you, they would be. There would be no second-guessing of feelings. When someone convinces you to hang around by saying that they care about you, but their actions show otherwise, it's time to put your feelings aside and put yourself first. Don't let someone keep you on the hook, because you won’t wind up being their catch. You’ll just wind up suffocating.

You should trust your gut over someone else's words. If you're caught in a vicious cycle of questioning your person and having them reassure you, and you still don't feel safe, you should let this person go. Your intuition detects more than you know, and vibes don't lie. Superseding internal warnings can keep you temporarily happy, but this contentment will sting after it expires. Eventually, you will wind up breaking your own heart.

Like I said before, if you have to question someone's feelings for you, you probably already have your answer.

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