Amazon Knows What You've Been Buying For Valentine's Day. Creeps.

Amazon is providing what everyone has always wanted for Valentine’s Day: the ability to stalk the entire nation!

In a story that’s part very interesting and part extreme creepy in a big-data-we-own-you way, Amazon has tabulated the geographical locations of our orders to determine what cities are the most romantic. They tracked where the most orders of romance and relationship advice books were being sent, in addition to where people were streaming the most romantic movies and music.

Amazon does not tell us what its criteria for “romance novel” or “romantic movie” actually include. Is Fifty Shades of Gray a romance novel? Is True Romance with its classic, bloody Tarantino script a romance movie? Is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies romantic, or do we have to leave off the zombies for love to bloom? If we visit these cities, are we going to find Mr. Darcy or the Walking Dead?

With that rather grim idea in mind, here are Amazon’s top five most romantic cities:

1.Alexandria, VA

2.Miami, FL

3.Knoxville, TN

4.Orlando, FL

5.Vancouver, WA

So happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 

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