P. Smith Is Her Own SHEro

“Maybe I'm my own SHEro? I did the school thing, I went to USF, got a four-year degree – in four years. I have some friends who took seven or eight years to get their degree — so double the time, just because of life and circumstances. Jumped into the hospitality industry, moved through my positions relatively quickly — I didn't stay in a position longer than 18 months before I got promoted. Just a year ago, I quit all that. I got tired of the industry and then I leaped into tech — which is totally new to me. I didn't know anything about it, so I'm an office manager for a small tech firm right now, but I'm looking for a bigger one, because I miss the challenge of all the things that used to come with event planning. I'm hoping to eventually either be an office manager or an executive assistant to a CEO that I can kind of respect and admire, so I can learn what it would take to start my own something to help the community or build my own business.”

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