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Why I'll Be Buying The New Curvy Barbie Doll

When I saw the photos of the Curvy Barbie, I actually teared up. She is beautiful.

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This Amazing Video Will Change The Way You See Barbie Dolls…But Is It Enough?

Mattel’s brand new video featuring empowered little girls will make you cry. But will the toy industry ever change?


Queens Of Africa Dolls Outsell Barbie—Toy Industry, Are You Listening?

These dolls have knocked Barbie clean off her pink, plastic perch in Nigeria. Now, will the rest of the industry finally wake up?

Don't worry your pretty head Barbie, those numbers and codes aren't for you.

Barbie's New "I Can Be A Computer Engineer" Book Is The Most Sexist Bullshit Yet

The latest transgression of Mattel’s signature doll is pretty egregious.


Why The "Body-Positive" Lammily Doll Is Anything But

A new sticker pack for the "realistic" Lammily doll is designed to make imperfections seem beautiful. I'm not buying it.

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The Style Star To Watch This Fashion Week? Barbie!

Barbie can now add street style star to her endless list of careers.


They Make Barbie Look Like a Role Model: 3 of the Scariest Sexed-Up Dolls for Little Girls

While applauding efforts to launch a realistic, healthy doll, let's dive in to just how bad the current doll scene is.


Barbie Wannabe Undergoes Treatments to Get Dumber, We Weep for Women Everywhere

Blondie Bennett's hypnotherapy treatments to get stupid are extreme, but not outlandish: Women pretend to be dumber in more subtle ways all the time.