Maybe his face is birth control?

What Trump Has In Mind For Birth Control And Your Health

If you're considering an IUD, now is the time to get it.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Down Kitty! The Evolution Of Female Competition

The female flexing of physical dominance—usually manifested through fashion—is just one facet of intra-sexual competition.


Rachel Maddow Fights The Censoring Of Arizona Biology Students' Textbooks

Rachel Maddow just owned conservative Arizona school board members.

This baby gets it. Credit: Thinkstock

Why Women Should Get Angrier: The Tremendous Value Of Being Pissed Off

Anger gets a bad rap. Tune out the bullshit.


New Documentary Explores Penis Museum Contest in Iceland

Iceland's Phallological Museum is the subject of The Final Member, a new documentary featuring two men competing for an unusual honor.