Camel Crazy author Christina Adams

In Conversation With Camel Crazy Author Christina Adams  

As a mother, journalist, and now an international sleuth, Christina has become an expert on health, autism, and camel milk. Camel Crazy is that story.  Read...
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Small Talk Could Be Hurting Your Mental Health — Here Are 10 Things to Say Instead

Small talk is about as dreary as the murky skies and as painfully vexing as the overcrowded parkway.

Chances are pretty good that at some point they are going to be depressed. (image credit: Julia Green)

Mommabare: How Do I Talk To My Kids About Depression (And Why)? 

Talk to your kids about depression! Truly. They could probably do a better job of explaining your depression to you than you can them.

Relax. Your elderly relatives are probably pretty cool.

7 Tips For Talking To Grandpa This Holiday Season

Hey, the holidays are coming up, and you’re gonna see some relatives.

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Socially Awkward? Here Are 10 Quirky Conversation Starters For You

Perhaps the following scenario describes you. You’re at a party and you remember that you detest small talk. You have a tinge of social anxiety.

In order to maintain integrity in a conversation and not fall victim to gossip’s trap, the practice is to keep coming back to the intention behind the conversation. Image: Thinkstock.

How To Replace Gossip With Intentional Conversation

The other day I was having a conversation with one of my girlfriends about the difference between gossip and having an intentional conversation with a trusted friend while seeking feedback about an issue with a third party. This is what we concluded.

Instagram: IT’S NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Image: Joni Edelman.

An Imagined Conversation With Instagram

Instagram: Don’t eat it though, just hold it. With a stiff, outstretched arm in front of a whimsical mural on a decaying brick wall.

The Beebs. Image:esy: <a href="//">Flickr</a>

An Imagined Conversation In Which Justin Bieber Tries And Fails To Say “Sorry”

Justin: I know you know that I made those mistakes maybe once or twice. Me: Once or twice? Really, Justin? Justin: And by once or twice I mean maybe a couple a hundred times. Me: Right. Now we’re on the same page.