I loved Marimekko before I even knew what it was. Image: The Key To Chic.

Why I Chose To Shop Marimekko x Target After Swearing Off Fast Fashion

I've been really trying to think about every purchase I make and its overall impact on the world. However, I recently broke code and indulged in the Marimekko for Target collection.


Everything You Need To Win Designer Resale Shopping Without Losing Your Mind

As patient and careful as you might be, designer resale stores may test you.


Libby Wood: Illustrator, Designer

Spotted: Alemany Flea Market, SF


Kate Cheng: Dog Collar Designer, Gem Stone Craftsmith

Spotted in: Sunset, SF

 This would be Ben, not the intruder. Courtesy of ThinkStock

Confession: An Intruder Ruined My Date

By this point, I was pretty sure one dude would kill the other. If Ben died, there would be no fourth date.


It’s Election Time in Afghanistan, and the People Demand? Fashion.

Little-known fact about the war-torn, impoverished nation: leaders compete for chic.


Youth Doesn't Always Win: Jessica Lange is the Face of Marc Jacob's New Campaign

Confession: the thought of aging petrifies me. I’ve been rocking anti-aging face lotion daily since I was 17.