Tips for dealing with a jealous co-worker.

Dealing With A Jealous Co-Worker

Jealousy is an innate human emotion and there’s no easy way to deal with the green-eyed monster. But here are five tricks to help spot a jealous co-worker and how I dealt with it.

As many as 71% of millennials have mentally checked out' on their jobs; 55% of them are 'not engaged' at their workplaces. Image: WOCinTech (CC BY 2.0).

How To Survive A Toxic Workplace

About a year ago, I was working at a small company of less than 10 employees. I didn’t feel valued, and everyone around me berated one another. Although I was fortunate enough to escape being treated with derision by my coworkers, I’m positive had I stayed any longer, it wouldn’t have been the case.

Black women led all women in the nation in the number of business startups and in revenue growth. Image: WOCinTech Chat.

African-American Women Now Top The List Of Most-Educated Groups In The Country

A new study finds that African-American women achieve the highest outcomes of any demographic by race and gender.

I love you. Image: Llywelyn Nys/Unsplash.

On Activism: An Open Letter To My Peoples

And when you're multiply marginalized and know how much work there is to be done in the struggle for liberation, how few people are doing it, and that our lives literally depend on it, it can feel like you’re letting your people down.


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Abramson requests to be referred to as the "fired" New York Times executive editor rather than "former," saying she thinks the latter is "icky."


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Sure you could stick with the same old, ho-hum hackneyed tricks everyone uses, OR you could kick it up to a notch with The Onion's Tips For Nailing a Job Interview, adding a sprinkling of accusation, harassment and implicit threats!


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Many of us agonize over the impact higher education will have on our lives; we’re spoon-fed a narrative of “do well, be successful,” yet it’s turni