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 Things took a dark turn when I was perusing a Facebook group for sex pos women.

Apparently, You Can Get Toxic Shock From Yoni Crystals Now?

I found that Yoni crystals can apparently put you at risk for toxic shock?!??! And I was like: WHAAAAAT?!?!!?!?

I have seen “clean eating” designed as everything from a cock-full-o-meat paleo diet, to a vegan diet and plenty of eating plans in between. I’m “good” if I eat some broccoli, but “bad” if I eat it with cheese sauce? (Image Credit: Instagram/goop)

Celebrity Diet Culture: Just Stop Already

With celebrities suggesting that people eliminate entire food groups in the name of “cleansing” and/or “eating clean," Dr. Jessen comments: “I’ve had many, many patients, so many of them teenagers, convinced that their healthy lifestyle and their clean-eating regime was really helping them when actually all it was doing was helping them hide their increasingly disordered eating and to cover up an underlying eating disorder.”


Watch: Whitney Cummings Gets Her Vagina Steamed

"My vagina goes through enough already, maintenance-wise."


Your Daily Dose of Celeb Scandal: Gwyneth Plays Dress-Up As Madonna

It's OK, because they're friends, right?


10 Goop-iest Items from Gwyneth Paltrow's Pretentious/Amazing Pop-Up Shop

We went to Gwynnie's Goop L.A. pop-up and we admit it: it was kind of awesome. (Don't be a hater.)