Watch: Whitney Cummings Gets Her Vagina Steamed

"My vagina goes through enough already, maintenance-wise."

With these words, comedian Whitney Cummings captures a sentiment shared by women across the nation. And yet, it doesn't stop her from succumbing to the latest trend in the ever-growing field of vaginal upkeep: steaming.

Yes, that's right, steaming.

Supposedly, the "vagina steam" cleans up one's nether regions while reducing menstrual cramping. Or something. Basically, Gwyneth Paltrow recently sang its praises, so now it's, like, a thing (vajazzling, we hardly knew ye!)

In any case, if this hilarious Funny or Die video of Cummings and fellow comedian Sarah Tiana getting a v-steam represents, as Cummings puts it, the "frontlines of feminism" . . . we're there!

And by "there," we mean watching Whitney get her vagina steamed, not getting one ourselves. Obviously.

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