Harry Potter

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Who’s The Baddest Of Them All? A Definitive Ranking Of The Top 7 Most Kick-ass Witches Of All Time

Time to gather the coven for a celebration of the baddest, smartest and most subversively crazy-sexy-cool witches of all time.

Johnny Depp as Grindewald (image credit Warner Brothers)

JK Rowling Gets A Twitter Lashing For Casting Depp 

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, I guess. JK's gotta employ Depp and I gotta write about it.

A manuscript of a Harry Potter prequel has been stolen, but no true fan should read it. No matter what. Seriously.... (Image Credit: By Loadmaster David R. Tribble via Wikimedia Commons)

DO NOT READ The Stolen Harry Potter Prequel. But You Can Definitely Cry About It

Legendary author J.K. Rowling is begging fans of her series about the young wizard not to purchase a handwritten, 800-word story she wrote as a prequel to the Potter tales.

When I read, I imagined the characters gathered together in that backyard.

A Magic All My Own

Don’t you all see how fun this is? I wanted to cry out. Instead, I whispered, “Yeah, b-b-books are weird,” and hid Junie B. Jones in my backpack. My classmates treated books the way I sometimes treated Girl Scout girls: with cold, eight-year-old contempt.

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We Can't Make This Sh*t Up: The Video Game You Play With Your Vagina

First of all, it seems practically criminal that they don’t call the device a joystick. I mean, really? Really.

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Eddie Redmayne's Hufflepuff PSA Is Just What You Need 

Actor Eddie Redmayne, who stars in the Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find T

Reading in paradise. Image: Jody Amable.

A Grown-A** Woman Reads Harry Potter: The Half-Baked Prince

I was waiting to finally not like a Harry Potter book, and folks, I found it. Half-Blood Prince was boring.