Mary Pauline Lowry's The Roxy Letters

Ground Rules: An Excerpt From THE ROXY LETTERS

Re: Ground Rules


Dear Everett,


Perhaps I’ve invited you to move into my spare bedroom against my better judgment. But while living with an ex-boyfriend is never a good idea, I really need the money. Last week Roscoe—that irascible little wiener dog—ate not one, but two pairs of my underwear (and my fancy thongs, at that)! The resulting $600 emergency room vet bill, combined with my barely-over-minimum-wage employment and sizable mortgage, has made a housemate a financial necessity.

Margo Orlando Littell's The Distance From Four Points

An Excerpt From The Distance From Four Points

Robin must reshape her idea of home or risk repeating her greatest mistakes. The Distance from Four Points is a story about family, womanhood, and coming to terms with a left-behind past. Read...
Chelsea Bieker's Godshot

A Q&A With Chelsea Bieker, Author Of Godshot

Possessed of an unstoppable plot and a brilliantly soulful voice, Godshot is a book of grit and humor and heart, a debut novel about female friendship and resilience, mother-loss and motherhood, and seeking salvation in unexpected places. Read...
Andrea Bartz's THE HERD

THE HERD: A Q&A With Author Andrea Bartz

THE HERD drills down into the ramifications of living in a society that keeps one gender down—and explores how far women will go in the name of self-preservation and getting ahead.   Read...
Image of book and Milly courtesy of Carrie Callaghan.

The Many, Many Lovers Of Milly Bennett

She had too many lovers. Too many lovers, that is, for me to reasonably account for in a 300-page novel covering approximately six years of journalist Milly Bennett’s life. Read...
Photo of sunset in Madagascar courtesy of the author.

The Power Of Art—An interview With Anita Felicelli

Chimera can denote a monster, a fantasy, or an organism containing at least two distinct sets of DNA. It is this hybridity, multiple sets of DNA woven together to form something new, that sets Chimerica apart.  Read...
HALF by Sharon Harrigan

Cover Reveal: A First Look At HALF, Author Sharon Harrigan's New Novel 

What if two people were so close they shared (almost) everything?  Read...
The Jetsetters by Amanda Eyre Ward

The Jetsetters: A Q&A With Novelist Amanda Eyre Ward

he Jetsetters is a delicious and intelligent novel about the courage it takes to reveal our true selves, the pleasures and perils of family, and how we navigate the seas of adulthood.  Read...