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Jay Z Will Campaign With Clinton. Free Concert. For Real. 

On November 4, just four wee days before America heads to the polls and votes for our next POTUS, Jay Z will hold a free concert in support of Secr


5 Quick Facts About The SCOTUS Gay Marriage Case

Last fall, we told you that the Supreme Court of the Un

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Mother Of Biracial Child Suing Sperm Bank Isn't Racist; Our Country Is

Let's stop attacking a loving mother, and start focusing on the real issue at hand.


Quote of the Day: Representative Becker Says, "I'm Not a Medical Doctor" But Plan B and IUDs are Equivalent to Abortions

Kids, you know how IUDs work—right? Congrats. You're now eligible to be an American politician.


The Inside Scoop on Taylor Swift's Bridal Shower Crash: Ravishly Talks to an Attendee

We spoke with someone at the recent bridal shower attended by Swift to find out what the star is really like. Gird your loins, Swift is supposedly "just a girl."


Weird+Wonderful+WTF: Amazing Animal News!

We scout out the latest weirdest news so you don't have to.