Quote of the Day: Representative Becker Says, "I'm Not a Medical Doctor" But Plan B and IUDs are Equivalent to Abortions

An Ohio bill, HB 351, will begin hearings this week and this is why you should be more-than-alarmed: if successfully passed, the bill will ban healthcare coverage of abortions and instruments used to prevent fertilization. And yes, that includes Plan B and IUDs. And here you thought the Hobby Lobby case was just for funsises.

Republican Representative John Becker is having a contraceptive contretemps with these dastardly devices because he feels they're equivalent to abortion. Except, you know, they're not. When questioned about his lack of knowledge, Becker gave a stellar political answer—in the most frightening way

His Quote?
"This is just a personal view. I’m not a medical doctor." 

The Facts
Abortion is, by definition, the removal of a specimen post fertilization. I will fight tooth and nail for pro-choice advocacy, but I'd be lying if I said the notion didn't give me me the shivers. IUDs and Plan B, on the other hand, are useless if fertilization occurs.

IUDs are sperm destroyers. The hormonal kind creates an icky sticky mucus so thick that the 'lil swimmers can't breaststroke to the uterus. Copper IUDs are just straight up toxic to sperm. Plan B, on the other hand, is less violent to sperm. Instead, it delays ovulation or interferes with fertilization by affecting the uterus's climate. Again, it will not work if fertilization has occurred.

Using Becker's logic, we may as well ban male masturbation and blow jobs while we're at it: in both instances, the sperm die before reaching a point of fertilization. RIP, tadpoles.

Representative Becker, I am not a doctor either. What I am however, is a woman with an open mind and a WiFi connection. This information is readily available—for those with the actual intelligence to seek it out. 

Image: It's called "research." Try it before you get elected. Courtesy of, ThinkStock 

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