Is anything keeping you from believing that you deserve good things?

It Took Me Years To Realize I Deserve Good Things

Is anything keeping you from believing that you deserve good things? Read...
Natalie Slaughter of SHESAID    |   11.23.18   |   SHARE
International Day of Happiness is a bunch of nonsense. Stop telling people to be happy.

Not To Be A Downer, But The International Day Of Happiness Is Some Bullsh*t

Today is International Day Of Happiness. It’s a damaging narrative that invalidates the experiences of people who are simply unable to be happy. Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   03.20.18   |   SHARE
Basically, your self-talk sounds a lot like an angry band of YouTube garbage trolls.

6 Ways To Practice Kind Self-Talk

Here’s a crash course on self-talk. Self-talk is the voice in your head, the invisible responder, the captain of your brain ship. Read...
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The author with her dear friend. (Image: Stache)

Call Me Mary Poppins: In Praise Of Positivity  

Maybe all of those people who distanced themselves from emotion and frowned upon my "Mary Poppins" outlook had been right all along. Read...
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Make sure a yes to someone else is not a no to yourself.

5 Ways To Be A Badass And Run Your Life 

Sasha Tozzi gives us her tips on what keeps her feeling grounded and like the badass she is. Read...
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Sure, I could probably use a few new life-hacks, but if I can figure out how to love my life in 2017, that will be more than enough.

A Better New Year's Resolution

My resolutions regularly remind me that I don’t think I am enough, just as I am. So this year, instead of focusing on habit changes, I'm more Read...
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The best changes in life are the ones you effect yourself.

#MondaysWithMatt: Don't Be Afraid To Change Your Life Plans

This week Matt talks about the new job he never expected to have, and how changing your career path isn't just perfectly normal — it shows how much Read...
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You shouldn’t pursue self-love and better self-esteem because you want to feel worthy of being loved someday — you should pursue self-love because you deserve to love yourself. Image: Drew Coffman/Unsplash.

'Nobody Can Love You Until You Love Yourself' Is Bullsh*t

There is a danger in the rise of affirmations and other empowering online content. Some types of affirmations aim to inspire a sense of independence Read...
Matt Joseph Diaz    |   08.3.16   |   SHARE
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