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What To Do When You Realize You Accidentally Joined A Cult ​

20 years later, it is still an experience that I am actively deconstructing. Why? Because I joined a cult. And maybe have too. If so, here’s how to get out.

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Getting Over My Good Girl Syndrome

I was a good girl from the start. Now I am speaking up, setting boundaries, saying no to the things I don’t want and yes to the things that I do.

It’s not enough to simply declare you aren’t a racist. Anti-racism is an active force seeking to unlearn, decolonize and restructure. Image: author.

Can The 'Angry Black Guy' Have White Friends?

It’s easy for folks in America to get angry but it’s incredibly difficult to get them to stay angry. To transfer anger to hope. And to participate in transformation. Then to start all over again with the next hashtag.


Aya: Server, Yoga Instructor, Women's Circle Leader

Spotted: The Mission, SF


Hush Hush Hullabaloo: Rumors Fly That Tesla Is Releasing A Home Battery

They're cool. 

They're elusive. 

They're innovative. 

And, they're really, really shiny. 


Stop The Presses: Prince Harry Doesn't Like Selfies (But Here's Some Celebs Who Do. And Do It Right.)

 Well, it looks like Kim Kardashian and Prince Harry will never date.


Scientologists Come Out Swinging Against New Expose Film Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison Of Belief

Sundance Film Festival never fails to supply a steady stream of controversy, and that's just the way we like it.  


New GoldieBlox Video Challenges Beauty Standards—But Is Everyone Really "Beautiful"?

Instead of pretending everyone can be beautiful (they can't), why not challenge the very value of beauty?