Rafael voted for Trump, and he still supports the man. It's a testament to my isolated bubble that I had no idea how to respond. (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

A Trump Voter At My Kitchen Table

The topic of Trump came up, and Rafael was immediately and vocally enthusiastic. But when he asked me why I didn’t like Trump, the collective weight of all the reasons crushed my brain, and I murmured, “Where to start?” He didn't wait for me to organize my anti-Trump arguments.

His hatred of all things pleasure-based is no surprise to anybody. Image: "ted cruz is smug" by Jamelle Boule/Flickr. CC BY 2.0

7 Sex Positions Ted Cruz Will HATE (But You'll LOVE!)

We're not saying you need an excuse to have wild, crazy, satisfying and fully consensual sex... But if you did, what could be better motivation than to piss Ted Cruz (and his ultra-Conservative cronies) right the fuck off?

Image: Sebastian Kim for TIME

Caitlyn Jenner And The 2016 Election

Caitlyn Jenner is returning to the airwaves (cable-waves? Digital streaming waves?) this weekend with the second season of a reality show documenting her life after coming out as transgender. The promos show clips filled with drama, laughter, and many, many outfits. Soooooo many outfits.

Answering the questions about the Iowa Caucuses you were scared to ask.

OK, But What Exactly Are The Iowa Caucuses?

You're probably also secretly wondering what a caucus is, as you likely live in a state that does primary elections instead of the more complicated caucus process.

Carly Fiorina: Serious Aunt At The Dinner Table

Republican Debate: 8 Republicans Come To Thanksgiving Dinner

Last night, the saga continued. Fox Business Network hosted the fourth Republican Primary debate, with a slightly winnowed set of contenders: the top eight candidates were on stage, compared with ten in the previous showdown.


Gay Republican Group Turned Away From Western Conservative Summit

In social justice circles, the word "Republican" is more-than-sometimes attached to a rather sullied image shall we say.


7 (Semi) Fast Facts On The Steve Scalise White Supremacy Controversy

Making sense of a troubling, and complicated, political scandal.


Meet Saira Blair: West Virginia's Just Elected 18-Year-Old Lawmaker

West Virginia's youngest lawmaker is conservative college freshwoman Saira Blair.