Mother and baby.

A Letter To Myself, Before Becoming A Mom

There are days when you look in the mirror at yourself, nights when you looks at your husband, and moments when you squeeze your son that you wonder Read...
Allison Cooper    |   10.19.15   |   SHARE
Me First.

Desperately Seeking Self-Care

Here is the kicker. I am human. I treasure mental stability above all else. Therefore, I take my medications daily and sleep first. So what is a gal Read...
Ann Roselle    |   10.7.15   |   SHARE
There is an after.

6 Tips For Self-Care After Leaving An Abusive Relationship

Self-care is an important practice for everyone to incorporate into their lives. But at certain times, we may need a little extra TLC. Anyone who has Read...
Elizabeth King    |   09.24.15   |   SHARE
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For Black Women, Self-Care Is A Radical Act

Placing ourselves at the center of our lives is an act of political warfare. Read...
Evette Dionne    |   03.9.15   |   SHARE
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Stop Calling Me A "Strong Black Woman"

Calling black women "strong" disregards how this language has historically been used to harm and control us. Read...
Evette Dionne    |   10.23.14   |   SHARE