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What Nail Biting Taught Me About Self-Care

Getting a manicure every week or two no longer seems frivolous to me. In fact, I’ve grown to the love the ritual. Self-care keeps me from biting. Read...
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 How To Get The Most Out Of Pisces Season (Even If You Aren't A Pisces)

It's Pisces Season! Pisces is the last of the water signs, and the final in the wheel of the Zodiac. Pisces or not, each sign has a presence in all Read...
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I'll Try Anything For A Week: One Radical Act Of Self-Care A Day

The second thing you suggested, for I'll Try Anything, was a radical act of self-care every day and I just don’t know who would complain about that. Read...
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9 Toxic People To Cut Out Of Your Life In 2018

Being conscious of who you spend your time around is essential for your self-care. Here are some toxic people you can go ahead and cut out this year. Read...
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That’s when I decided that Snapchat shows me how I look to other people — which is pretty damn gorgeous!

Self-Love And Snapchat: Loving Yourself On Valentine’s Day

That’s when I decided that Snapchat shows me how I look to other people — which is pretty damn gorgeous! And then, I felt the self-love start to Read...
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Where are all my autoimmunies and chronic illness survivors out there? I wrote this for you. (Photo by Yanapi Senaud on Unsplash)

12 Very Real Things I Learned About Chronic Illness

Like a lot of people with chronic illness or autoimmune/autoinflammatory disorders, I went through a dead-end labyrinth to get my diagnosis. Read...
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Makeup As Self-Care When You're Over 40

Being over 40 is one of the most physically interesting times in a person’s life. Here are beauty lessons I've learned about being 40 and fabulous. Read...
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Take The Cake: 3 New Rules For Re-defining Success Without Weight-Loss

I was taught that weight loss was self-care, but then I did a bunch of research and realized dieting is actually the patriarchal destruction of my Read...
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