How can we take care of ourselves while also caring for babies and toddlers? Image: Thinkstock.

7 Self-Care Tips For Parents Of Young Kids

Babies, while awesome in so many wonderful ways, do not give a single shit if you really need another hour of sleep. If the baby is up, you’re up. So we were up.

There’s always a new deal to close, a new client to woo, or a new blog post to write.

Burnt Out? Always "On"? Here's 4 Ways To Establish A Healthy Work/Life Balance.

If you’re an entrepreneur like myself, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. No one is looking over your shoulder to see if you’re on-task, but you’re probably working 12+ hour days anyway.

The view from bed.

How I Forgot Myself And Ended Up With A Miserable UTI

“Congratulations, Joni. You have a UTI so bad my machine can't even read it.”

I like to give everything 110%, even my bacterial infections. I like to give everything 110%... except myself.

You have to give your brain permission to unwind. Image: WeHeartIt.

What To Do When You Can’t Turn Your Brain Off After A Crappy Day

All day, you eagerly anticipate finding just 30 minutes to chill out, catch up with your significant other, and relax into sleep. But the problem is... though your body is ready to plop down on the sofa and decompress, your brain is still going a mile a minute. It's stuck in "go-go-go" mode. As a result, you're there with your loved ones, but you're not really present. You think, What's wrong with me? Why can't I relax?

Back injuries can lead to surprising self-discoveries.

What My Back Injury Taught Me About Independence

While my estranged husband called me a “strong female lead,” and I occasionally joke about being “an independent woman who doesn't need a man,” I wish I could honestly say either of those statements felt true.

Me First.

Desperately Seeking Self-Care

Here is the kicker. I am human. I treasure mental stability above all else. Therefore, I take my medications daily and sleep first. So what is a gal to do when my lifestyle is beginning to prohibit proper self-care? What tools can one find in their toolbox to really make time to ensure whole body care in addition to the mind?

There is an after.

6 Tips For Self-Care After Leaving An Abusive Relationship

Self-care is an important practice for everyone to incorporate into their lives. But at certain times, we may need a little extra TLC. Anyone who has experienced trauma in a relationship will attest to the fact that emotionally and psychologically recovering from any form of abuse is a tough road and it is vital to treat yourself with extra kindness.

Credit: Thinkstock

For Black Women, Self-Care Is A Radical Act

Placing ourselves at the center of our lives is an act of political warfare.